No Quarantine Of Faith

Words and Music by Darcy Watkins

Verse 1
Here I am
I wait for You
I don’t know what to do
So I’ll pray
Just like You say
I ask and I believe

Chorus 1
So I’ll walk
Yes I’ll walk
Lord I’ll walk
On the waters with You

And I’ll sing
Yes I’ll sing
Lord I’ll sing
A song of praise to You

Verse 2
Here we come
To follow You
For You know just what to do
Yes we’ll pray
Just like You say
We ask and we believe

Chorus 2
So we’ll pray
Yes we’ll pray
Lord we’ll pray
For the nations with You

And we’ll feed
Yes we’ll feed
Lord we’ll feed
Feed the hungry for You

Chorus 3
So we’ll walk
Yes we’ll walk
Lord we’ll walk
On the waters with You

And we’ll sing
Yes we’ll sing
Lord we’ll sing
A song of praise to You

No quarantine of faith
No quarantine of hope
No quarantine of love
No quarantine of You

(repeat chorus 1)

Copyright © 2020 Darcy Watkins
All Rights Reserved

Title:No Quarantine of Faith (So I’ll Walk)
Author:Darcy Watkins
Copyright:© 2020, Darcy Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line:Here I am, I wait for You…
Key:G major
Tempo:65 BPM
CCLI ID:7149682
CCLI SongSelect:Lyrics and Chart